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Retail & internet sale of traditional British cuisine in Russia.

Being the first in Russia to commercially export from United Kingdom to Russia for business & retail clients

Traditional English tea

From traditional English Breakfast to Afternoon tea, experience the full flavour of  with each sip, hand brewed with the finest tea leaves from London

Handmade English jams

Experience the exquisite handmade British jams and marmalade perfected over the centuries, bringing you that delightful zestful taste in Russia

Handmade cakes with real butter

From Manchester to Moscow – experience the handmade Manchester Eccles Cakes, made with real butter, air freighted to Russia, ready to eat in 2 minutes in the oven.

Delicious toffee pudding

From Cartmel Village to Russia – we bring you that exqusite delicious finger licking sticky toffee pudding, freshly made, frozen and air freighted with temperature control. Open it, bake it, eat it, lick it! simple

For all occasions




Commercial import with EAC


Each product type imported is fully inspected and quality checked by Rostest (Federal Government laboratory in Moscow) with EAC certification certified to Interstate Standards (ГОСТ)

Traditional English Scones



Afternoon tea, the British way!  – tea with scones, tracing their heritage from Scotland, with ingridients constituting wheat, barley or oatmeal.


There are numerous serving options available, from jams, marmalade to clotted cream, make it uniquely yours! Add flavour to your morning making warm and sumptuous.


Why not compliment the scones with our jams & maramaldes available in flavours:

Lemon Curd, Raspberry, Strawberry conserve and much more…






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Handmade biscuits and pudding from UK to Russia



Handmade using family business and local produce from English villages, carrying centuries of tradition, having stood the test of time.


With only natural and organic British locally sourced produce, be it Wales, Manchester, Cumbria or London, the age-old time-tested recipes are unmatched in their taste and flavour.


Having that delightful taste, we are positive that they will constitute an integral part of your dining with that irresistible sumptuous fulfilling taste which will leave you wanting for more.


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Cold Coffee and Soda, exclusively from London



Brewed exclusively in London UK, and available for the first time in Russia, quench your thirst with sugar-free cold coffee and low calorie soda without additives. Get that British flavour, right here in Russia.




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Yorkshire Pudding



Legendary English pastries with a history of over 400 years. According to Yorkshire county tradition, the dish was cooked out of batter and was baked simultaneously with hot meat. The fat dripped and soaked in the puddings, and thereby the name “Dripping Pudding” appeared.


Over the years, Yorkshire pudding and evolved, and nowadays, the pudding should be airy, soft and tender inside and with a crispy crust – outside.



The dish still comes in a traditional Sunday lunch in parts of Yorkshire and served with Gravy sauce which you can buy online from our shop

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Bringing the best traditions of the UK - Tea & Coffee



We offer our customers the best of British delights, choosing only 100% natural foreign products, without exception


In UK, what foreign tourists pay attention is to try  real English tea, traditionally at 5’O Clock, and complete dinner with a cup of aromatic and strong hand-ground coffee.



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Exclusive products with affordable prices

In order to maintain affordable prices, we manage the entire export and import process from UK to Russia by ourselves, right from Heathrow Airport to Moscow Sheremetyevo Airport and finally at your doorstep, we manage the full process.

Providing you with freshest foods direct from UK, with all import and customs clearance done by us without  brokerage or “middle man” services.

Our products are extensively tested and quality assured both in UK and in Russia, having EAC certifications and routinely tested by Rostest (Federal Government Laboratory in Moscow) for quality monitoring purposes.  Many of our suppliers are having Royal Warrant for supplying food to the Royal Family.

In this regard, whilst making an order in our online store, you would need to make a 100% prepayment order, which will be used for procurement, and used as a guarantee measure that our import will not be processed in vain.

Now you can enjoy the delicious and mouth watering British cuisine in it’s simplicity and naturalness, from the comfort of your own home.

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